Loreto Silva

Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de Chile

Loreto Silva has ample experience in regulated markets, and has focused her practice on the development of highly complex projects. She has specialized in subjects related with the management and application of public works concession contracts, free competition, water resource management, and the development of electric, sanitary and infrastructure projects. With extensive knowledge of the advisory assistance and academy areas, during the last few years she has increased her experience in the strategic area.

For ten years, she performed as lawyer of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, where she participated in establishing the basis of the legal and economic model of the sanitary area and the public works concession system, with the purpose of enabling the development of infrastructure in Chile and raising the levels of private investment.

María Loreto Silva was appointed by His Excellency Sebastián Piñera, President of the Republic of Chile, as President of the Board of ENAP

Subsequently, she worked as a partner in law firm Morales & Besa, where she participated in and led the regulated market team, legally advising concessionaire firms, banks, retail companies, local and foreign investors, construction and real estate companies, and participating in multiple financings.

Due to her knowledge in the area of infrastructure, she was appointed Assistant Secretary of Public Works in year 2010, assuming as Minister of the department at the end of 2012. In said office, she implemented a legal strategy aimed at defending the interests of the State; reducing lawsuits, and winning the existing ones. Thus, the Ministry won 9 relevant legal processes in 18 months, generating savings for the tax authorities amounting to approximately 200 million dollars.

As a Minister, she promoted and led emblematic and complex infrastructure works such as the Bridge over the Chacao Channel and Américo Vespucio Oriente. She additionally led the development of the National Water Resource Strategy, promoted the management of the human resources and the follow-up of the investment, which allowed achieving a historical budgetary execution for the Ministry

She received her law degree from Universidad de Chile, and has been a panelist in various seminars on concessions organized by the Superintendency of Sanitary Services, the Chilean Chamber of Construction, the Interamerican Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, the Interamerican Federation of the Construction Industry, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and the World Bank.

Ms. Silva has been a professor in the Master’s Degree in Concessions Program of the School of Engineering of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, as well as professor of the Diploma in Local Government Course and Municipal Management of the School of Economics and Business of Universidad de Chile. She was also a Professor in the Master’s Degree in Law Program of Universidad del Desarrollo.

She participated in the drafting of the book titled “New Sanitary Legislation and its Regulations”, published jointly by the Chilean Chamber of Construction and the Superintendency of Sanitary Services; and in the book titled “Concessions: Agenda for 2020”, published by Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo.

Languages: English.